Day 0: Absolute Beginner

Day 0: Absolute Beginner

As an outlet for my music-loving geekiness, each blog post title will feature the name of a song (a decent one at worst, in my humble opinion) or a pun thereof.  Try to guess the artist before you reach the bottom of the blog post or cheat if you want and scroll past my ramblings!

day 0  

So, 100 kilos of life (all the meaningful stuff, I promise) packed up into one suitcase, one travel bag and two Voovit boxes.  TANGENT ALERT!  Even the luggage itself tells a few stories; the suitcase was bought in Madrid with money borrowed from a friend’s flatmate as EasyJet smashed my case and Halifax blocked my cards, the travel bag belongs to someone who can only be described as the male version of me (poor guy!) and the Voovit boxes are a throwback to the days of Erasmus, gaining 1.5 stone of bread-and-wine weight and 135€/month rent!  Predictably late, only by an hour, our two-hour buffer came in somewhat handy!  We arrived at the airport in good time; enough time for a few tears, necessary help with luggage, a hug I never wanted to end, a chat in a lift with a stranger who bore a mild resemblance to Will off of The Inbetweeners and una gran copa de Pinot Grigio with complimentary tap water. TA! Possibly my favourite Italian word, culaccino, was all I could think about at that particular moment.   Apparently there is no English equivalent of this word; I imagine this stems from the British appreciation for coasters… maybe!  Culaccino actually also means ‘the end of a salami’ and ‘the dregs left in the bottom of a glass’.  It comes from the word ‘culo’ meaning butt, which is exactly the same in Spanish.Image result for culaccino




After an easy flight and short taxi ride from the airport I was greeted by my AirBnb host and over the luna to discover a beautiful apartment.  He’s a top guy and it’s such a relief to live with the epitome of non-narcissism and non-neuroticism!  A glass of red later and it became evident we had a lot in common and are both pretty fácil para vivir.  We decided to only speak in Spanish too, which is going to be excellent for me!  This morning feels like a lifetime ago already…

Did you guess the song?

Scroll down to find out!

David Bowie – Absolute Beginners

I’ve nothing much to offer
There’s nothing much to take
I’m an absolute beginner
But I’m absolutely sane

As long as we’re together
The rest can go to hell
I absolutely love you
But we’re absolute beginners
With eyes completely open
But nervous all the same

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