Cinco Spanish Songs to Make You Sonreír :)

  1. Antipatriaca – Ana Tijoux

    A French-Chilean rapper tackling all sorts of controversial issues.  She combines sublime song writing with ‘tabú’ topics.  I’d describe her work as feminist, strong and sensitive.  Her accent is also intriguing and easy to understand for non-natives.

  2. Castigados en el granero – Hinds

    They’re performing on Thursday 21/9 at She’s the Fest at La Rambleta so stay tuned for a pre-gig post.  Their Warpaint vibes are definitely something to get excited about!

  3. Despacito (Original Version) – Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

    Yes, Bieber 100% ruined it for me (especially when he admitted not even knowing the Spanish lyrics – insulting, right?) but many people haven’t even heard the original.  Check it out.  Alternatively, watched the Backstreet Boys try to sing it and fail miserably here!

  4. Ha sido divertido – Nudozurdo

    Indie-credible (- sorry!)  Have a look at this excellent blog post by Clare Speak post for similar bands.

  5. Caminando por la vida – Melendí

    An oldie-but-goodie.  This song never fails to make me smile, actually.  The name of this blog is a play on the title.  Do you get it? ¿Lo pillas?


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