Everybody’s Heading for the BRexit: Stop Watching the News

This short and not-so-sweet blog post consists of a poem about Brexit I wrote back in November 2017.  Coincidentally, it was about one hour before Michael Fallon stepped down as Defence Secretary.   I am happy to take full credit/responsibility* (delete as appropriate) for that!

I am certainly no Laureate and I wrote the poem some five months ago yet the topic is more pertinent than ever, unfortunately.

European by nature, British only by fear

Italian intuition, German fur das Bier
Sweet tooth Belgian, hair from the North
Spanish residencia, still no remorse

Brexit Greed

Scandinavian looks or potentially MAC
Irish of name but now no going back
Portuguese neighbours, Estonian friends
Bloodline English, as is The Bends

Brexit Oversight

Radiohead, radiogaga or Sylvan Esso
Kasabian, Banks, Parks of Maxïmo
Sam Harrison melodies somewhat devout
Corbynite missionaries calling you out

Brexit Notwithstanding

Misinformed, underqualified, blatantly led
To believe all the nonsense chronically fed
Sham, scam, deception, deceit, fraud, lie
Subterfuge, mendacity, hypocrisy and guile

Brexit End



Do you get the song reference in the title?  (This one is for my Mam, by the way!)

Scroll for the Spotify link!










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