Everybody’s Heading for the BRexit: Stop Watching the News

This short and not-so-sweet blog post consists of a poem about Brexit I wrote back in November 2017.  Coincidentally, it was about one hour before Michael Fallon stepped down as Defence Secretary.   I am happy to take full credit/responsibility* (delete as appropriate) for that! I am certainly no Laureate and I wrote the poem some five months […]


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That Golden Rule: Five Random AvocaDOs and DON’ts in Valencia, Spain

Remember to guess the song/artist reference.  Is your brain biffle-baffled yet?  (Yes, that’s una pista – a clue!)   AvocaDOs and DON’Ts when moving to, or holidaying in, Spain:   1. Don’t expect to be able to speak English everywhere.  Learn the basics, at least. Check out my website conversewithchloe.com for lessons and free resources.  Try […]

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Day 0: Absolute Beginner

Day 0: Absolute Beginner As an outlet for my music-loving geekiness, each blog post title will feature the name of a song (a decent one at worst, in my humble opinion) or a pun thereof.  Try to guess the artist before you reach the bottom of the blog post or cheat if you want and scroll […]

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